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Dethrec Balthagar

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Dethrec Balthagar was a Puritan Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, who led a purge on the world Jauseth Septima with his Deathwatch allies, after learning the world was infested with a Genestealer Cult. Using psychic means, the Inquisitor and Death Watch exhaustively rooted out every last trace of the Cult and only left after declaring it from Xenos taint. However, the Inquisitor did not know that one of the Cult's fourth generation hybrids had left Jauseth Septima three weeks earlier aboard a cryopod shuttle, and later returned to reinfect world. Within three years of Inquisitor Balthagar's death in service to the Imperium, Jauseth Septima was overrun by the Cult once more.[1]