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Devourer Dropship

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Devourer Dropship[1]

The Devourer is a class of dropship used by the Imperial Navy.

The Devourer is used to transport Imperial Guard forces from orbiting ships to planetary surfaces. Carried in larger transport ships such as the Cetaceus Class Transport, Devourer dropships are considerably larger than Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunships. Each Devourer is a two-decked vessel, with the upper deck housing the infantry units and the lower deck holding the heavier equipment such as tanks and artillery. The Devourer is designed for planetary landings and deployment, with the armoured front section of the vessel opening up into four sections, deploying a ramp so that the onboard vehicles and infantry can quickly depart. The Devourer itself is not designed for combat, but is equipped with two heavy lascannon turrets and missile launchers so that they can devastate armoured emplacements in support of ground units.[1]