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Devram Korda

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Devram Korda, also known as the Tyrant of Sarora, is a Chaos Lord of the Black Legion and one of the Chosen of Abaddon.[1] A follower of Slaanesh, he is one of the commanders of the Black Legion's Children of Torment.[4]


Horus Heresy

During the early stages of the Horus Heresy, Korda was a Veteran Sergeant in the Sons of Horus 13th Company. A common companion of his Company Captain, Luc Sedirae, Korda was present when Sedirae and Erebus of the Word Bearers unmasked a Clade Veneum assassination attempt on the Warmaster Horus, and in fact slew the assassin, Tobeld, himself.[3a]

Some time later, the 13th Company were part of Horus' forces when the warmaster determined to visit the world of Dagonet. For reasons currently unclear, Horus decided to use a proxy for this visit, and Luc Sedirae was selected for this honour. Arriving on the planet dressed in the warmaster's plate and mantle, Sedirae was almost immediately the victim of a assassination. That the assassination was meant to kill Horus only increased the ire of Korda and the rest of 13th Company, who were loosed onto the world to exact bloody vengeance for the death of their Captain. A sorrowful Devram Korda commanded this retributive campaign.[3b]

The Tyrant of Sarora

As a Chaos Lord, Korda became known for his heinous actions on Sarora. There, he distilled the life essence of the citizens of the planet's largest hive for a single vial of elixir, which made him virtually invincible. Following that, he conquered the entire system and ruled it with an iron fist, distilling more elixirs from the hives under his dominion until he was toppled by rival Chaos Space Marines from the Emperor's Children.[1]

The Heart of Chaos

At the beginning of his 13th Black Crusade, Abaddon sent Korda and his fellow Chosen on a quest to find and retrieve the mystical "Heart of Chaos", an artefact said to exist at the very centre of the Eye of Terror. Somehow Imperial agents found out about this mission and sent an Execution Force after the Chosen of Abaddon. Korda himself was initially declared the primary target.[1] Despite this, he overcame all hurdles on his journey and successfully returned in the latter days of the war. Together with his peer, the sorcerer Ygethmor, Korda handed the Heart of Chaos over to his master, bringing Abaddon's plans for it closer to fruition.[2]

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