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Diadem of Transference

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This page contains spoilers for: Attack of the Necron (Novel)

The Diadem of Transference is a crown-like relic of the Necron Ketatrix Dynasty, that was lost before the Great Sleep.[1a]

However, sometime after the Great Rift's creation, the Imperial Lexmechanic Erasmus unearthed the Diadem, while aiding the Archeotech Elise Lor with an archeological dig on the Hive World Targian. Upon discovering the Diadem, Erasmus knew it was of Necron origin and immediately hid it from Elise, as he hoped to use the relic to secure a better position for himself elsewhere.[1b] When it was unearthed though, the Diadem briefly called to the Ketatrix Dynasty, which caused them to awaken from their slumber. Ketatrix's Overlord, Merlek, then ordered the Dynasty to search for the Diadem and they tracked its location to Targian. The Necron immediately invaded the Hive World and later destroyed it, when they could not locate the relic. The Dynasty then began hunting the few Imperial ships that escaped from Targian, as they believed the Diadem was on one of them[1a]. It was indeed, as Erasmus had managed to escape with the Diadem aboard one of the ships, along with Elise's daughter Zelia after they had become separated from the Archeotech. However the Dynasty attacked their ship and Erasmus led Zelia and a few other survivors to an Escape Pod, which launched just as their ship entered the Warp, to escape the pursuing Necron.[1c]

This caused the group to land upon an unknown Ice World, where one of the Ketatrix Dynasty's Deathmarks later began hunting them.[1b] It was just one of the many Deathmarks, Overlord Merlek had sent to hunt down the survivors of Targian[1a] and though Erasmus' group was able to disable the Necron, it simply disappeared. The survivors knew it would be back and while discussing the attack with the Lexmechanic, the group wondered why it was after them and then suddenly became suspicious of the package Erasmus would not allow anyone near. After taking it away from him, the group discovered the Diadem and they also recognized it was of Necron origin. They correctly concluded that the Diadem, was the reason the Ketatrix Dynasty attacked the Hive World and why they Necron were pursuing them. Some among the group then suggested that they should give the Diadem to the Necron Deathmark, when it reappeared, in the hopes that it would leave them alone. Zelia refused though, stating that the Diadem could be the key to a powerful Necron weapon and they needed to do everything they could to keep it from the Dynasty's grasp. She then convinced them to use their few weapons and equipment to set a trap to destroy the Deathmark.[1b] Their attempts failed[1a], but a guilt-ridden Erasmus snuck away from the others and lured the Deathmark to him, by saying he wanted to give the Diadem to the Necron. When it neared the Lexmechanic though, Erasmus revealed that the Diadem was with the other survivors and then activated a sonic mine, which created an avalanche that buried both of them. The Diadem is now with Zelia and the other survivors, but they are still trapped on the Ice World and it is only a matter of time before the Dynasty pursues them again.[1d]