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The Diasporex were a nomadic civilization consisting of humans and aliens. The Diasporex was a technologically advanced democratic confederation.[1b]


The Diasporex had prowled interstellar space since the Age of Strife and had joined with other alien races to form a symbiotic multi-cultural civilization.[1b]

During the Great Crusade, the Iron Hands encountered the Diasporex. The Iron Hands offered the human members of the Diasporex the opportunity to separate from their alien allies and to join the Imperium. They declined. In the upcoming months, the Iron Hands fleet tried to destroy the Diasporex, but the proved to be highly skilled and experienced in naval warfare - they easily evaded battles and even managed to damage an Iron Hands cruiser.[1a]

At this point, the Emperor's Children were called in as reinforcements. They realized that the Diasporex used hidden space stations to collect fuel from a star, being the reason why they had to stay in that sector. Attacking these stations, the Space Marines fleets lured the Diasporex fleet into open battle at the Battle of the Corollis Star, where they were defeated. A brief shipboarding action occurred, in which Solomon Demeter stole the glory of seizing the Diasporex ship from the Primarch Fulgrim. The final words of the alien captain were "We only wished to be left alone".[1b]

After the battle, any surviving Xenos of the Diasporex were killed, while their human compatriots were taken prisoner and transported to the nearest compliant Imperium world, where they were employed as slave labour. An Adeptus Mechanicus detachment from the 28th Expedition Fleet later stayed behind, as the Legions' forces left the area, to study what remained of the ancient human technologies of the Diasporex.[1c]