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Diggas are tribes of primal humans that live on the world of Angelis.[1]

They are the descendants of the original Imperial survey team, but generations of war and catastrophe has reduced them into violent savages that mimic the Orks of their world. The Diggas and Orks of Angelis have a history of bloody conflict, but in recent years have established a level of coexistence. Orks will trade weapons to Digga for scrap, while the Diggas seek Ork technology and mimic Greenskin culture. Often painting themselves green, Diggas have divided themselves into warring mobs much like the Greenskins they emulate.[1]

Types of Diggas[1]

Digga Mob
  • Digganob - Physically larger Diggas who are analogous to Ork Nobs.
  • DiggaShaman - Digga Psykers
  • Digga-Boy - Standard warriors analogous to Ork Boyz
  • Digga-Yoof - Analogous to Ork Yoofs


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