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Digital weapon

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Example of a digi-weapon.[2]

Digital weapons, or digi-weapons, are miniaturized weapons, often concealed in rings or other jewelry.[1]

Though miniaturized, they are capable of replicating the punch of full-sized weapons such as laspistols, hellpistols, needle pistols, hand flamers, and Inferno pistols. Though digital weapon can be fired while holding something else in his hands, this type of weapon can only be fired once and reloading is extremely difficult.[1]

The technology required to manufacture digi-weapons is beyond the capabilities of the Imperium. Digi-weapons can only be created by the Jokaero species. Accordingly, they are very rare and almost impossible to buy. Their possession is normally restricted to the extremely wealthy or influential;[2] they are more commonly used by Inquisitors.[Needs Citation]


Digi-Multi Lasers are variants of a Digi-Laser, but instead of being concealed within a ring or jewelry, they are in the form of a pistol. When fired, the weapons unleash a devastating beam that combines the potency of plasma, melta and las energy together. Digi-multi lasers can only fire once, but this is usually all their users need.[3]


Three examples of digital weaponry[1]