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Dimitar Shiban

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Dimiter Shiban was Hetman of the Clowns Company of the Geno Five-Two Chiliad, a division of the 670th Imperial Expedition Fleet, involved in the compliance of Nurth.


Shiban was a friend to both Peto Soneka, Hetman of Dancer company, and Hurtado Bronzi, Hetman of Joker company. He accompanied Bronzi in the transport of a strange corpse from Visages, narrowly avoiding a Nurthene surprise attack. Unfortunately, he and Bronzi were intercepted by an Alpha Legion Astartes, who gunned Shiban down.

It was later revealed that the Astartes' reasoning for the death of Hetman Shiban was due to a combat injury he received, where shrapnel left in his neck included bone fragments from Chaos-touched Nurthene locals. It was explained that these fragments had begun to affect Shiban's mind, and while sensible, this explanation still left doubt and suspicion in Soneka's heart.