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Diocletian Coros

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Diocletian Coros[3]

Diocletian Coros was a Prefect of the Hykanatoi caste of the Custodian Guard during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


Falling under the command of Tribune Ra Endymion, during the War Within the Webway Diocletian was charged with organizing a fresh wave of Imperial forces to resist the Chaos forces in the Webway including the condemned prisoners of House Vyridion. During the final battle for the portal Diocletian fought alongside both Ra and the Emperor himself, eventually managing to evacuate the Webway and make it back to Terra. After the battle the Emperor began showing visions of the past to Diocletian much as he had done with Ra, indicating that he had become Custodes Tribune following Ra's disappearance into the Webway.[1]

Now the sole remaining Tribune, Diocletian commanded Custodes forces of the Inner Palace during the Siege of Terra and oversaw the defense of the Eternity Gate alongside Sanguinius. As Daemons began manifesting inside the Sanctum itself, Coros went off to seek a "good death", wishing Malcador the same.[4] Diocletian accompanied the Emperor during the teleportation assault aboard the Vengeful Spirit, becoming scattered from his liege-lord and fighting alongside Constantin Valdor.[5] Finding total madness aboard the Vengeful Spirit, the Custodians were forced to fight in pitch-black against waves of Daemons. During the fighting, Coros was brought down despite Valdor's attempts to save him.[6]

Coros and a few other surviving Custodes later make it to Lupercal's Court, where they discover Valdor, Dorn, Garviel Loken, and Leetu with the bodies of Horus and the Emperor. Coros is able to initiate the teleportation that brings the loyalists back to the Imperial Palace.[7]


Diocletian was noted for being one of the few Custodes capable of dreaming and they were reverently written to script. These scripts were then buried in the deepest vaults of the Imperial Palace's Inner Palace, along with the recorded dreams of other Custodes[2a]. Later on in his career, Diocletian wrote a seminal work dubbed The Master of Mankind. The book was still read by the Custodes 10,000 years later.[2b]


The Hikanatoi were an elite Byzantine guard unit during the Middle Ages.