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Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan

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Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan[1]

The Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan is a variation of the Warhound Scout Titan, that wields more powerful firepower and which is known for being highly effective at ambushes.[1]


The Dire Wolf was the better armed and armored cousin of the Warhound, bearing thicker armor and a more powerful reactor that allowed for heavier weaponry. The Dire Wolf is designated as a Titan hunter within the Collegia Titanica, and in battle in acts as an ambusher in Titan Legions, hunkering down in forward positions to ambush and destroy key targets with precise shots of its main weapons.[3]

A Dire Wolf sports a single heavy weapon mounted on its carapace - either a Conversion Beam Dissipator[2], an armour-busting Neutron Laser, or a Volcano Cannon.[1] For secondary armaments, the Titan features twin Ardex Defensor Mega-bolters. The Dire Wolf has also been modified with flatter feet and more armour plating, to better stabilize itself for the Titan's heavier payload. Likewise, its void shield generators have been moved, from their usual location on a Warhound, to better accommodate the Dire Wolf's larger weapons.[1]


The Dire Wolf is known to be favoured by the Traitor Legio Audax.[1]


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