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Displacer field

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Ciaphas Cain, shortly before shooting rogue Inquisitor Ernst Stavros Killian, to deliberately trigger his displacer field.[2b]

A displacer field is a somewhat unreliable defensive device employed by Imperial agents such as Inquisitors. The device will teleport the user out of harm's way if the bearer takes a strong enough hit from a weapon[1a].

Use of the device is risky for several reasons: first, it reacts automatically, and the user cannot control either the teleportation or exactly where he or she teleports to[2b]. Furthermore, the user rematerialises moving at the same speed and in the same direction as he or she was when the field activated, which can be equally hazardous[1b].

Known users of displacer fields include Inquisitors Amberley Vail[1a], Ernst Stavros Killian[2a], and Belial[3].