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The Distaff was a group of psychic blanks, created and utilised by Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn when hunting rogue psykers, because of their unique abilities. Psychic blanks, also known as anti-psykers, are people with an extremely rare mutation that causes them, and everything in their vicinity, to be invisible in the alternate dimension of the warp. Consequently, they are immune to all forms of psychic attack, as well as shielding those around them. The leader of the distaff was Alizebeth Bequin. As of 337.M41, the Distaff numbered around forty members, trained and managed by Bequin.[1a]

The Distaff were instrumental in the defeat of the renegade Inquisitor Quixos in the battle of Farness Beta. Quixos, having collected a large quantity of psykers during the Thracian Atrocity, was deemed to be in a location of psychic strength, until the Distaff neutralised the psykers' ability to attack Eisenhorn's troops.[1x]