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Dok's Tools

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Gettin' out me stabbin' bitz...

Mad Dok[2]

Ork Painboys carry a bewildering variety of mean-looking tools, supposedly designed to aid the Mad Dok in his 'fixin' of wounded Orks. They may include various blunt saws, blades and hammers and other devices which an Imperial medic would never dream of using.[1]

'Urty Syringe[5]

'Urty Syringe

'Urty Syringes are huge steel syringes filled with some toxic goo or liquid. When used in combat, they prove to be an extremely powerful weapon although they don't work against opponents with peculiar physiologies, such as daemons or Tyranids.[1]


Fighting Juice

Some Painboys use a strange cocktail of various ingridients called Fighting Juice to make their Boys almost immune to pain and even more furious in battle.[2]

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