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Dominator Cruiser

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Dominator Class Cruiser[1]
A Dominator Cruiser[3]

The Dominator Class Cruiser is an Imperial warship.


The Dominator-class was originally designed as a long range support vessel, using its massive Nova Cannon from behind fleet battle lines. In this function, however, it never really excelled and only gained a handful of victories to its name. It was never truly appreciated by its crew(s) until the start of the Gothic War. In a particular battle, a single Dominator, the Hammer of Justice, found itself between two Chaos cruisers. The Dominator's true role was found that day when the Hammer of Justice gave both of its rivals a full broadside assault, crippling them in a matter of seconds.[1]

Another example of a Dominators close-ranged might came during the Kathur Reclamation. Captain Straden of the Depth of Fury defended the shrine world of Kathur to the death, and came very close to destroying the Death Guard ship Terminus Est. As it was, he and his crew vaporised several of its decks and destroyed scores of escort ships before finally succumbing. Ironically, no Imperial souls survived to tell the tale.[2]

The Dominator's flanking weapon batteries are as powerful as those on a Retribution Class Battleship but they do not share the range of the larger ship's guns. The ship still retains the Nova Cannon, and uses it to devastating effect whilst closing on the enemy fleet. Once amongst enemy ships, having caused destruction and confusion from afar, the Dominator's weapons batteries roar into life, ripping the enemy apart at brutally close range. [1] Almost all Dominators have teleporter attack groups to finish off any enemy ships not yet destroyed by the plasma batteries. [Needs Citation]

Known Vessels


Space Fleet Dominator Cruiser[4]


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