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Dominica Minor

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Dominica Minor Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Coronid Deeps
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Industrial World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Dominica Minor is an Imperial world of the Coronid Deeps region of space.[1]

An Industrial World, it is a major source of fuel for the region. It is the only habitable world in a system of 19 gas giants, making it a prime refinery hub. As a result it became very wealthy by the Horus Heresy, becoming home to both a major shipyard and substantial defences.[1]

The world saw heavy fighting during the Battle of the Coronid Deeps, when it was captured by Traitor forces led by Mortarion himself.[Needs Citation]

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