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Dominus Armoured Siege Bombard

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The Dominus Armoured Siege Bombard is a heavy siege tank of the Imperial Guard.


Featuring an automated battery of three Dominus Triple Bombards, the Dominus is a powerful (if somewhat unpredictable) weapon developed from the Forge World of Zhao-Arkkad. Based on the Crassus Armoured Transport chassis, the Dominus's armament is at the very extreme of the hull frame's capability and the on-board supply of shells for its main weapons are limited. These drawbacks however are made up for by the Dominus' effectiveness in its battlefield role: close support of a direct assault and bringing its siege shells to bear on enemy fortifications and strongpoints.[1]

Much like the rarer and older Minotaur Artillery Tank, the Dominus's heavy armour allows it to accompany an armoured squadron into the maw of enemy fire before unleashing a rapid saturation bombardment. This means it can operate in dangerous areas of the battlefield where more common Imperial Guard self-propelled artillery such as the Basilisk or Colossus would have little chance of survival.[1] Often they accompany an armoured spearhead columns into the heat of battle before unleashing a rapid saturation bombardment in support of main attack.[2] But despite its durability, losses among Dominus crews remain high due to its dangerous battlefield role. This has led some Imperial Guard siege Regiments to nickname the Dominus the "Iron Tomb", viewing assignment to a Dominus as a death sentence.[1] This led to the fact that the tankmen often affecting mortuary or religious insignia for the tanks themselves, believing that their faith in the God-Emperor's salvation protect them, or scorning death to come for them if it may.[2]

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