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Donian Crusade

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The Donian Crusade was a Crusade launched in 985.M39 by the Black Templars to combat a growing Ork population within the Donian Sector of Segmentum Pacificus. Initially led by Marshal Austein, command would be given to Marshal Werhner in 998 when Brother Austein fell in battle on Nickel V. The Donian Crusade would last for seventeen years in total before the High Marshal declared it a success, with Werhner becoming Marshal of the Thangdron Crusade.[1]

Forces Deployed[1]

Note: The Crusade would later be joined by Strike Cruiser Apocalypton and six Rapid Strike vessels with an unspecified number of Space Marines. Non-combat personnel are not included in this count.

Marshal's Household

Fighting Companies

Fighting Company Heinman

Fighting Company Lazarus

  • Castellan Lazarus
  • Banner Bearer Balthasar
  • 3 Techmarines
  • 2 Apothecaries
  • 171 Initiates
  • 56 Neophytes
  • 3 Dreadnoughts
  • 2 Land Raiders (Crusader pattern)
  • 11 Rhinos
  • 3 Predator Destructors
  • 2 Predator Annihilators
  • 7 Razorbacks
  • 6 Vindicators

Fighting Company Gothchalcus

Fleet Assets