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Doom Blaster of Khorne

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A Doom Blaster (Epic Scale)

The Doom Blaster of Khorne is a Super Heavy Daemon Engine of Khorne equipped with four heavy mortars,[1] and a front-mounted brass ram. A rare variant of the Lord of Skulls, since Khorne's servants are rarely able to resist staying out of the way of the mortar blasts,[2a] Doom Blasters advance on their foes whilst laying down a thunderous barrage of shrapnel-packed shells, tossing troops and vehicles aside to be crushed under their clanking tracks.[1] They prefer to fire upon massed light infantry over other targets, requiring convincing to aim at anything else.[2a] The mortar shells, known as 'gravediggers', are horrific to look upon, and are made from the bones of those killed by the Doom Blaster, which scavenges the battlefield for them once the battle is over, to consume those bones and convert them into fresh ammunition. The mortars themselves have an effective range of fifty to five hundred meters.[2a]

The Doom Blaster is also inscribed with Runes of the Blood God, granting it added defense against psychic powers, and it emits subsonic sound waves that trigger a fear response in living creatures.[2a][2b]


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