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Doom Warriors

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The Doom Warriors are a Codex Chapter of unknown founding and origin.

Doom Warriors
Doom Warriors Livery.jpg
Doom Warriors Battle-Brother.jpg Doomwarriorsmini.jpg
Founding Chapter: Unknown
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Bright Yellow with black eagle, white skull and yellow lightning[4]
Specialty: Cleansing Campaigns (Administering Exterminatus)
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry Doom ye! Doom ye! Doom ye![Needs Citation]


The Doom Warriors have a defect in their Catalepsean Node. Because of this their Space Marines do not sleep, which in turn makes them a morose and moody Chapter. This is why they specialize in cleansing campaigns.[Needs Citation]

Battle History

  • The Doom Warriors were engaged in street fighting against Orks for Truan City.[1]
  • 951.M41 — Doom Warriors returned to Truan IX to cleanse the Psyker-cult that tried to awake some slumbering minds of inmeasureable power that sleeps beneath the surface of some ruined long dead city. Due to Doom Warriors' actions cult was annihilated and their blasphemous ritual cancelled.[5]
  • A squad of Doom Warriors led by Captain Grimmer Slayne was assigned to conduct an Exterminatus on a world called Carnage. They used a viral bomb called Emperor's Tears (an evolved strain of the Life Eater Virus) to cleanse the world. This viral bomb was created by a Nurgle-possessed Magos Biologis, and was said to attack the very source of life itself. After the deployment of the virus bomb, the whole population of the planet reanimated and became followers of Nurgle.[2]

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