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Imperial Guard Doomhammer[2]

The Doomhammer is a Super Heavy Tank which was created from the necessity for Titan-killing vehicles during the thousand-year-long siege of Ordana.[1]


During the siege, many commanders requested Shadowswords to combat the large number of heavy armour in the form of Titans and tanks from a renegade forge world. The only way the Imperium could maintain the war effort was to retrofit their Banehammers with magma cannons. While the magma cannon's range or area of effect are not the equal of the Shadowsword's volcano cannon, it can still deal a death blow to Titans. Since shells did not have to be carried and the retrofits did not take up too much space, the Doomhammer also gained a small transport capability.[1]

Vehicle Name: Doomhammer Main Armament: Magma cannon
Forge World of Origin: Ordana Secondary Armament: 2 Lascannons, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter, 2 Twin-linked Heavy Bolters/Heavy Flamers.
Known Patterns: Unknown Traverse: Unknown
Crew: Unknown Elevation: Unknown
Powerplant: Unknown Main Ammunition: Unknown
Weight: Unknown Secondary Ammunition: 300 rounds and 4000 rounds.
Length: 13.5m
Width: 8.4m Armour
Height: 6.3m
Ground Clearance: 1.2m Superstructure: Unknown
Fording Depth: Hull: Unknown
Max Speed - on road 25kph Gun Mantlet Unknown
Max Speed - off road: 18kph Vehicle Designation: Unknown
Transport Capacity: 25 units Firing Ports: 10 spots open
Access Points: open-topped Turret: Unknown


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