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Double Eagle (Novel)

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Double Eagle
Author Dan Abnett
Performer Toby Longworth
Publisher Black Library
Released June 2004
Pages 320 (2004 & 2010 edition)
416 (2005 edition)
Editions 2004 hardcover:
ISBN 9781844160890

2005 softcover:
ISBN 9781844160907
2010 softcover (Print on Demand):
ISBN 9781844169375
2011 ebook:
ISBN 9780857870599

Double Eagle was written by Dan Abnett, and is a spin off from his popular Gaunts Ghosts series. It was first published as a hardback in 2004, and released as a softback in 2005.

Cover Description[1]

When the elite fighter pilots of the Phantine XX arrive on the beleaguered world of Enothis, they know it is a desperate hour. The forces of Chaos are closing in and their final push could well wipe out all human life on the planet. Thousands of refugees flee the dark armies and the infamous Chaos fighter pilot Khrel Kas Obarkon is always hunting the skies for more prey…

And so it falls to the brave men and women of the Phantine fighter corps. Can they hold off the Chaos advance until reinforcements arrive? In the high-speed, white-knuckle terror of aerial combat, can they defeat an enemy possessed by daemons?

Plot summary

The war between the Imperium and Chaos forces on the world of Enothis is going badly for the Imperials. The armies of the Imperial Guard defeated and retreating, the Enothian air force all but annihilated, the fate of the world rests squarely on the shoulders of the pilots of the Imperial Navy and one very special Guard unit.

The Phantine Air Corps, the only dedicated aviator unit in the Imperial Guard, find themselves in the thick of the fighting. Most of their number are the veterans of the Phantine liberation such as Bree Jagdea, commander of Umbra Flight, and the fatalistic Oskar Viltry, a Marauder pilot who believes he already should have died twice over. There are also some new recruits in their ranks just waiting to prove themselves in combat, such as Vander Marquall, who desperately wants to become an Ace.

Allied with the Imperial forces, the remnants of the Enothian air force don't seem to be able to offer much. However, perhaps men like the wounded veteran August Kaminsky and the raw cadet Enric Darrow can still make their contribution to the war effort.

The odds are stacked against them however, as seemingly endless waves of heretic fliers test the Enothian defences, and a Chaos Ace Khrel Kas Obarkon, is seemingly picking off Imperial pilots with impunity.

And whilst the aerial combat blazes overhead, embattled tanker Robart LeGuin of the 8th Pardus Armoured is just trying to get his men, and his tank, safely back to friendly lines.



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