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Dark Eldar Wych Cult Hierarchy

A Dracite is a secondary leader of Dark Eldar Wych Cults. They are of a similar standing to Dracons and are numerous where Archites are rare. They usually progress to their position by assassinating the previous Dracite and are attempting to work their way towards the top, so Dracites are generally untrustworthy in relation to Archites.[1]



Dracites generally have almost total (if not complete) access to the Cult's equipment stores but they are always seen with the weapons they bore before becoming Dracites, their Wych Weapons. Generally, due to their combat orientation, they tend to go for stronger close combat equipment which will give them fearsome abilities in combat.[1]


Dracites are lightly armoured to allow them easy and fluid movement in combat, sacrificing ranged defence for this. They are, however, extremely proficient in combat and can see where attacks will be coming from before they strike and as such can avoid them, however they are not as good at avoiding incoming ranged fire.[1]


Dracites are often seen with a bodyguard of the most loyal and powerful Wyches in the Cult. They provide protection both on and off of the battlefield.[1]


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