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2drones.gif Ambiguous Term? This article is about the the Black Templar Draco. For other uses of Draco, see Draco (disambiguation).
Castellan Draco of the Black Templars

Castellan Draco first rose to prominence as part of Marshal Ludoldus' Sword Brethren during the bitter Vinculus Crusade, in which he fought the renegade Inquisitor Lord Vinculus.[1]

He was badly wounded after the battle and his body was reconstructed with bionics. He was awarded the rank of Castellan and was given a relic suit of the Chapter's finest armour for his valor. Draco was further recognised when he was presented with the former Inquisitor's blade as a mark of gratitude from the Ordo Hereticus[1]. Later he was among those whose methods of war, were studied by the Imperial Fists' 3rd Captain, Tor Garadon, when they fought together. However Draco's service to the Black Templars would end in shame, when he was declared Excommunicate Traitoris for deeds that are too terrible to recount.[2]