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Draco (Novel)

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Author Ian Watson
Publisher Black Library
Series Inquisition War
Followed by Harlequin (Novel)
Editions Inquisitor ISBN 0425132781
Draco ISBN 0-7434-4318-7

Draco is a novel by Ian Watson. It was originally published in 1990 under the title Inquisitor.

Cover Description

Forty thousand years in the future, the human Imperium struggles for survival against its relentless enemies. Inquisitor Jaq Draco uncovers a plot that threatens the psychic future of mankind. Can he unravel the trail of conspiracy before he himself is destroyed by its deadly clutches? Dazzling and frenetic, Ian Watson's Inquisition War presents a unique vision of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


Draco is the first novel in Black Library's Inquisition War omnibus. This 234-page novel presents the first part of a story featuring an Inquisitor of the Imperium by the name of Jaq Draco. Jaq's companions are few; he travels with a female Assassin Meh'Lindi, a young Squat Grimm and Navigator Googol. Draco is a secret Inquisitor; as he's a part of the Inquisition's Inner Order, his missions often involve issues of internal affairs. Such is the premise under which this story begins.

As the story opens, our heroes are in a hotel on the hive world of Stalinvast. In most of the planet's hive cities, a rebellion borne of Genestealer infestation threatens to destroy human Imperial rule. Another Inquistor, Harq Obispal, leads the planetary garrison in a purge against the rebels. Jaq's assignment is to watch Obispal and see that he doesn't half-ass the job; the story goes on from there to involve a galaxy-spanning conspiracy that involves treachery of the sort not seen since Horus betrayed the Emperor. Jaq leaves Stalinvast, visits a space hulk within the warp, goes into the Eye of Terror and then to Earth before the story ends on a cliffhanger. Jaq and his crew need to find an answer to the conspiracy put before them, one, which possibly threatens to usurp the Emperor with a galactic hive-mind of all humanity, directed by a cabal of unknown masters with ties to the Ordo Malleus.


Cover of Inquisitor