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Dravura Morkath

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Dravura Morkath was a Black Legion-affiliated Human and artificial creation who was key to Abaddon's plans during the 13th Black Crusade. She officially acted as Abaddon's cup-bearer.[1a]


Dravura was a powerful Psyker with a deep connection to the Blackstone Fortress Will of Eternity, being the primary tool by which Abaddon was able to control the vessel. According to Morkath's own memories, she was spawned by the Will of Eternity as an emissary to communicate with those that boarded it, and as a child was discovered by Abaddon. However in truth, these are false memories implanted by Abaddon and she was an artificial being grown in a lab by Black Legion Apothecaries on Abaddon's orders. Her body was combined with Noctilith to allow for direct communication with the Blackstone Fortress, and she was raised believing the lies Abaddon had fed her. Morkath was fanatically loyal to Abaddon and was eager to prove that she was his adoptive "daughter". As a result, she had a contentious relationship with the Chosen of Abaddon and in particular Urkanthos.[1b]

Following the crippling of the Will of Eternity by the Phalanx in the final stages of the Black Crusade, Morkath remained aboard her home and was determined to reactivate it, conquer Cadiaand eventually drive on Terra itself to prove herself to her adoptive father. However Abaddon had other plans, and informed Morkath that he was ramming the Will of Eternity into Cadia's surface instead with her aboard it. Even though she was being actively betrayed by her "father", Morkath was still happy she could be useful and died as she sent her soul into the crumbling Blackstone Fortress.[1c]