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Drazhar, Master of Blades

Drazhar is the most infamous of the Incubi. His position in the Incubus sect is Executioner as he is the champion of his order.


Drazhar was first encountered at the gates of the Great Shrine in Commorragh. He walked straight into the shrine, cutting his way through any guards who tried to stop him. When he reached the inner sanctum, Drazhar challenged the enthroned Hierarch of the Shrine. The Hierarch stepped down from his throne into the duelling circle with Drazhar and took up a battle stance. The Hierarch's self-assured superiority soon evaporated when his challenger blurred into action. The duel took only a couple of minutes until it ended with Drazhar stepping over the Hierarch's dead body before making a small bow.

No one knows Drazhar's true identity. There are no records of him in any Incubus shrines and no one had heard of him before he walked in to the Great Shrine. Even the name Drazhar is ceremonial, meaning Living Sword.

Speculations in Commorragh

After Drazhar had invaded the Great Shrine and killed its Hierarch, gossip and rumors started to spread. Some say Drazhar is the Fallen Phoenix, Ahrha, and that Drazhar's armour is filled with nothing but bone-dust. It is said that there is no challenger equal to Drazhar. All who challenged him have fallen under his blades. Yet Drazhar has shown no inclination to take up the position of Hierarch or even Klaivex. He is the Executioner, and exists only to kill; nothing more, nothing less.

Equipment and Abilities

Taller and more lithe than other Incubi, Drazhar is fast as lightning. He wears an ancient Incubus Warsuit, perhaps even the original Warsuit, which is significantly tougher than those worn by others of the sect. Drazhar uses demiklaives or disemboweller blades which can also be used by deadly Klaivex Incubi leaders.