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Dreadblade Knight

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Decima, a Dreadblade Knight

Dreadblade Knights are Chaos Knights, who owe no allegiance to any specific Knightly House. [1]


The term Dreadblade was coined by the Ordo Hereticus to denote those Chaos Knights who serve no master. This notion is not entirely accurate, for certain Dreadblades do indeed pledge themselves to various heretical warlords or profane demagogues, but such loyalty is fleeting, and these wandering Knights will swiftly betray their masters if it proves advantageous. There are a wide variety of causes of Dreadblades, from being led into damnation through trickery and lies to choosing violent solitude as a means of personal revenge. Others are loyal pilots who were captured by Renegade Houses, mind-wiped and twisted by sorcery into serving their captors. Then there are those who simply have have lost the ability to perceive the path of rightousness over centuries of bloody campaigning, unaware that they have fallen into corruption. Whatever the case, a great deal of Dreadblades hail from Knight Houses still loyal to the Imperium.[2b]

Notable Dreadblades

Notable Dreadblade Warbands

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