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Dreadnought Drop Pod

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Dreadnought Drop Pod[3]

Dreadnought Drop Pods are heavier and larger than the standard drop pods used by the Adeptus Astartes and possess a more powerful engine. While lacking many of the internal support systems and armament, it nonetheless allows a single Dreadnought to be deployed into the battle with minimal delay. The stresses involved in the drop however are such that only the heavily armored shell of a Dreadnought could hope to survive the impact without being pulverized. These vehicles are prized due to the high attrition rate they suffer in battle.[1]

Lucius-Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pods are tithed directly to various Space Marine Chapters which have treaties with the Forge World of Lucius. [2]

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Type Orbital Drop Pod[3] Operational Ceiling N/A
Vehicle Name Dreadnought Drop Pod[3] Max Speed 12,000kph descent[3]
Forge World of Origin Lucius[3] Range Unlimited[3]
Known Patterns I-XVII[3] Main Armament None[3]
Crew None[3] Secondary Armament None[3]
Powerplant 1 x FV-50-100 retro-rocket[3] Main Ammunition N/A
Weight 19 tonnes[3] Secondary Ammunition N/A
Length 7,5 m[3] Armour
Wingspan N/A Superstructure 60 mm[3]
Height 11,1 m[3] Hull 70 mm[3]



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