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We have come. We are death

— war-chant of the Dreadwing[2b]
Symbol of the Dreadwing[4]

The Dreadwing was one of the six specialized formations called Wings of the Dark Angels Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


The most feared branch of the Hexagrammaton, the Dreadwing was called in when the total annihilation of the enemy was necessary. Its members were masters of massacres, purges, and the deployment of Exterminatus-class weaponry. They also specialized in using terror as a weapon. The Dreadwing was an evolution of the earlier Host of Bone, maintaining many of its Scandinavian ceremonies and titles despite the influx of recruits from Caliban. Its members were known to be grim but capable of safely operating some of the most dangerous technologies in the Imperium. Its ranks included most of the Legion's Destroyers and Interemptors but also a large number of Techmarines and Apothecaries. The Dreadwing also operated Terminator units known as the Naufragia.[2b] In its sealed vaults rested the least stable Legion Dreadnoughts, those whose minds had eroded to the point of savageness.[4] Its leader was known as Dreadbringer.[2a]

The Dreadwing also utilized mass armored assaults of Land Raiders, Spartan Assault Carriers, Mastodons, Whirlwinds[2b], Vindicators[2b], Arquitor Bombards[3] and Fellglaives with advanced Warp weaponry. They employed weapons of mass destruction such as Phosphex and Vortex Weapons.[2b] The advanced weaponry of the Dreadwing was designed by the Emperor's own armorers.[2b] The Dreadwing also made use of Castellax Battle-Automata known as the Black-Watch.[7] As the Horus Heresy ground on, Lion El'Jonson also allowed the Dreadwing to utilize Marines with psychic abilities in defiance of the Council of Nikaea.[4]

As of M41, the unit no longer exists.[1]


  • Voted Lieutenant - Leader of the Dreadwing, also known as the Dreadbringer.[1]
  • Voted Successor
  • Eskaton - A title used to denote a warrior that has overseen the final death of an entire race or world.[3]
  • Lieutenant
  • Praefectus - Squad leader.[5]
  • Initiate
  • Postulant - A legionary who hasn't been properly inducted into the Dreadwing and is not allowed to wear its symbols or sing its chants. [5]


Known Vessels

Notable Members



The 'skull-in-hourglass' heraldry of the Dreadwing matches that of the Star Phantoms, who are suspect of being a successor of the Dark Angels, although both chapter deny this.

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