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We have come. We are death

— war-chant of the Dreadwing[2]
The symbol of the Star Phantoms which matches the described emblem of the Dreadwing.[2a]
A squad of Dreadwing Interemptors[3]

The Dreadwing was one of the six specialized formations called Wings of the Dark Angels Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


The specialty of Dreadwing was total warfare where the voted-lieutenant bearing title Dreadbringer[2] used Interemptor Squads supported by other types of squads to bring total annihilation of a foe on specific battlefield. The Dreadwing also utilized mass armored assaults of Land Raiders, Spartan Assault Carriers, Mastodons, Whirlwinds[2], Vindicators[2], Arquitor Bombards[3] and Fellglaives with advanced Warp weaponry. They were also known to employ weapons of mass destruction such as Phosphex and Vortex Weapons.[2] The advanced weaponry of the Dreadwing was designed by the Emperor's own armorers.[2]

As of M41, the unit no longer exists.[1]

Notable Members

Known Vessels


The 'skull-in-hourglass' heraldry of the Dreadwing matches that of the Star Phantoms, a Successor Chapter of the Dark Angels.

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