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A hololith of Inquisitor Drogan appearing before Captain Titus[1]

Drogan was an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos.[1]

Graia and the fall to Chaos

Many years ago, Drogan was captured by Xenos and horribly tortured for years. This left a great hatred for aliens that made him resolve to find a way to destroy the alien threats facing the Imperium.[2] During a journey through the Warp, Drogan let his psychic defenses down (a dangerous thing for a psyker) and a spark of Warp energy appeared before him. Upon a second trip, he was able to summon another spark and capture it in a containment device. With the blessing of his superiors in the Inquisition, Drogan began researching a means to use it against the enemies of the Imperium.[1]

Drogan arrived on the Forge World Graia and had his research in mind when he arrived. Drogan had enticed tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus to allow him to conduct his research for the greater good of the Imperium. However, Drogan's experiment had drawn the attention and hire of the Ruinous Powers, and a daemon of Chaos was sent forth to retrieve the spark. The Daemon killed Drogan and took possession of his corpse, as evident by Servo-skulls found by Captain Titus of the Ultramarines. What was left of Drogan was little more than a flesh puppet, a disguise for the daemon to wear on its grim quest.[1]

Before he died, Drogan sent a distress signal for assistance. Captain Titus was the first of the Adeptus Astartes to answer. "Drogan" tasked the Ultramarines on various tasks to help further his plan - to open a warp gate to Graia and allow The Chosen of Nemeroth to come and take over the planet and its valuable resources, notably a Warlord Titan. "Drogan" told the Ultramarines that the power source was indeed fueled by the warp, leading Leandros, a member of the squad to state his grievances with the actions being taken by Captain Titus, due to Leandros's belief in the Codex Astartes. Titus reassured Leandros that the Codex was merely a guide and the plan continued. "Drogan" led Titus to load the power source into a launcher and fire the weapon, which would allegedly lead to a psychic scourge which would kill the Orks on Graia. Instead, when the weapon was fired at a spire of the Mechanicum, which was the conductor for its power, it allowed the chaos invasion to begin by opening a massive warp storm over the planet.[1]

It was at that moment that the charade ended, as Lord Nemeroth stripped his servant of its disguise. Drogan's actions eventually led to Captain Titus stopping the Ork invasion, killing Lord Nemeroth and being taken for questioning[1] by Inquisitor Gerome Thrax. Though Titus was eventually deemed free of heresy, his experiences with Drogan and Thrax would forever alter the Ultramarine's opinions, and dealings with Inquisitors.[3]


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