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Drookian Fen Guard

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The Drookian Fen Guard are the Imperial Guard Regiments from the bog-covered world of Drook VI, they are predominantly light infantry, although there are a number of light cavalry squadrons, and are known for their scouting and infiltration abilities.

Uniform Basic Data Miniature
- Drookian Fen Guard -
Homeworld: Drook VI
Regiment Name: Drookian Fen Guard
Specialities: Scouting, Infiltration


The regiments' home world, Drook VI is covered almost entirely in bogs and mist-shrouded swamps. The only Imperial presence on the planet is a handful of cities, so that the population is governed almost completely by their own laws, except when, once per generation, they are called to recruit men for the Imperial Guard.

The people of Drook live for the honour of their clan names, and see any foreigner as an enemy that has hardly any right to continue breathing. The clans wage constant wars with each other, conducting raids on the ancestral territories of their neighbors, murdering, and looting everything that can be carried on the backs of the hairy riding beasts called rekhorns.

Commissars assigned to Drookian regiments have discovered that the best way to motivate their men is to exploit their hatred toward foreigners, identifying the enemy with a clan enemy and, if necessary, tell them they have insulted the ancestors of the regiment.

Battle Style

Drookian regiments are often sent to worlds and areas where their natural abilities can be put to best use. The most violent and skilled soldiers are used as harassers, scouts and infiltrators.

Mounted Drookian units often employ tactics based on quick and silent infiltration, followed by a deadly assault if the situation is favourable. However, the Drook cavalry are not reputed for iron discipline when facing a superior enemy and tend to disperse rather than risk a confrontation which they are unlikely to win. This fact has led to a high number of desertions in the past, so attacks against formidable enemies are never attempted, unless the regiment is accompanied by a fair number of Commissars.

Appearance and Uniform

The Drookians do not often use unit markings lower than company level, thus maintaining a fluid organization appropriate to their status as light infantry.

Notable regiments

53rd Drookian Fenguard

Fought for Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade.[1]

72nd Drookian Fenguard

Fought in the Battle of Traitors Moss.

83rd Drookian Fenguard

One of several Drookian regiments involved in the defense against the 13th Black Crusade.

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