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Cleander von Castellan

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Rogue Trader; for the other uses, see Castellan.
Duke Cleander von Castellan[3]

Duke Cleander von Castellan is a Rogue Trader, who commands House von Castellan[1] and is also a scion of a wealthy aristocratic family on Xarxis Plethis.[2]


Having inherited his family's trade license, he sold the family estate to buy a starship and began his career as a merchant. His travels took him further and further towards the Southern Rim, and he encountered no less than four non-Imperial worlds, with which he opened exclusive trade negotiations. It was at this point that Inquisitor Covenant caught up with him. However the two struck a bargain: in return for not being punished for failing to disclose the whereabouts of these xenos, the Duke signed an agreement pledging himself and his ship to Covenant. As a result, he has answered to the Inquisitor's call on several occasions. However it is not honour that motivates von Castellan, for he has little of it. Rather, he fears Inquisitorial reprisals should he prove too disobedient.[2]

The arraignment puts House von Castellan's staff and resources at Inquisitor Covenant's command if need be. This includes Duke Cleander's younger sister Viola von Castellan, who serves as the House's Seneschal.[1]

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