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Durante Osch

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Durante Osch was an Iron Hands War Leader of Clan Lokopt and a former Thaumaturge Librarian, who took part in the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


In the aftermath of the Dropsite Massacre, Osch led some 400 Medusan Immortals, Dreadnoughts and Imperial Robots to the backwater Forge World Ohmn-Mat. The Warleader also took with him the Ceaseless Pyre Mimetic Annihilator, which was among the dangerous archaeotech that the Iron Hands' Primarch, Ferrus Manus, had hidden within the Legion's Vaults of Mimir. Its not known why Osch did so, or if he even knew what the Ceaseless Pyre was capable of. Regardless, for the next few years the Warleader held it, as his forces took part in Ohmn-Mat's civil war between Loyalist and Traitors, where they defended the Forge-Fane Thyaetira.[1]

At the close of 010.M31, however, the Forge-Fane was invaded by the Sons of Horus Captain Jharran Deygen and his 84th Company. Unbeknownst to Thyaetira's defenders, it had been chosen as the site of a Chaos ritual, that would bestow possession of Ohmn-Mat and arcane power upon Deygen and his warriors. The location was within the Forge-Fane's vast Lacyraemarta harvesting precincts and they were harried all the way there, by Thyaetira's Mechanicum forces. Once they were in the precincts though, Osch also led the Iron Hands against 84th and the Company defended the site as they began their ritual. As the battle continued, the 84th built sacrificial altars, where they began torturing any Loyalists they captured in order to summon forth Daemons on the Forge World. Osch's psychic senses allowed him to discover this and the Iron Hands would repeatedly attempt to rescue their captured brethren from the 84th's clutches. These attempts all failed, though one of the Legion's Contemptor Dreadnoughts managed to destroy an altar before it exploded. Thyaetira's Mechanicum forces also managed to destroy an altar, before the 84th's Chaos ritual was finally completed.[1]

This allowed Daemon Brutes to appear, after they possessed the tortured Iron Hands and Mechanicum forces held in the sacrificial altars. The 84th's Esoterists also summoned forth Daemons and due to their ritual binding them to the Company, they only attacked the Loyalists. This soon overwhelmed Thyaetiran's defenders, even with War Leader Osch unleashing his psychic powers, for the first time since the Edict of Nikaea. With their defeat now certain, the Iron Hands leader bellowed a challenge to Deygen and the Captain accepted. The two would then duel each other, but with Osch already wounded from the battle and by using his psychic powers, Deygen easily defeated the Iron Hand. However instead of killing Osch, the 84th's Captain instead decided to gloat and show off to his Company. His mocking the Iron Hand for being twice-broken though, enraged Osch and gave the War Leader the strength to deliver a last blow that caved in Deygen's head. The Iron Hand leader then collapsed, as his killing strike had burned out the War Leader's augmetics. However despite his death, the Captain's body remained standing and just before the 84th moved into kill Osch, the Daemon Prince Samus possessed Deygen's remains. Though bound to the Company, like those summoned before him, Samus' arrival caused Daemons to materialize all over Ohmn-Mat, who fell upon both Traitors and Loyalists in an apocalyptic tide. Whether this was intentional or the result of Deygen's death is unclear, but any hope for survival for the Forge World's defenders was now extinguished.[1]

Within Thyaetira the battle was nearly over, when a handful of its Mechanicum forces and Iron Hands were able to escape with War Leader Osch, who still lived. As they did so, the 84th and its Daemons began purging the Forge-Fane of any Loyalist that remained within it. Soon the Traitors found the last holdout within Thyaetira, where Osch's rescuers had brought the wounded War Leader. However as the location was about to be invaded and overwhelmed, the surviving Loyalists sought to deny the 84th their victory and activated the Iron Hands' Ceaseless Pyre Mimetic Annihilator. It was among the dangerous archaeotech that the Legion's Primarch, Ferrus Manus, had hidden within the Iron Hands' Vaults of Mimir and the Pyre's activation caused never-ending flames to envelop Ohmn-Mat. This scoured the Loyalists, Traitors and Daemons from the now former Forge World, but the large-scale destruction did not end there. Any voidcraft, planetary outpost or space-bound installation that had an active vox-link to Ohmn-Mat when the Pyre was activated, began to be burned by its flames as well, before then spreading to any of their open vox-connections. This only ended when its signal reached the edges of Ohmn-Mat's System, but by then the 84th's flagship, Admonisher, and Deygen's fleet had been destroyed.[1]