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Durath,[1] known as the Tyrant of Dulan, was the leader of the Faash during the Great Crusade, ruling from the throneworld of Dulan. He refused to join the Imperium and was executed by Lion El'Jonson in 870.M30 at the end of the Dulan Campaign.


Durath claimed to have guided the Faash out of barbarism and into light, overcoming ages of horrors. He believed that without him, the civilisation was doomed.[2b]

By the time of the Dulan Campaign, the ancient and frail Durath was sustained only by the daily labour of a hundred surgeons.[2b] Nevertheless, he was no intimidated by the Imperium, broadcasting taunts and pict-feeds of captured troops to Imperial units.[2a] He was alone in his throne room when Lion El'Jonson teleported in with his Paladins, showing no fear of the primarch. He rejected a final offer to join the Imperium, facing the Lion with a dagger in his hand when the primarch decapitated him with a single stroke of the Lion Sword.[2b]