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Dzarton was the Captain of the Crimson Sabres Chapter's Fourth Company, when they committed the massacre of the world Umidia's population. Afterwards Dzarton and his Chapter were cursed with constantly hearing the voices of their victims and were declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the Imperium for their actions on Umidia, as well as on Demetra. The Chapter then fled to the Eye of Terror, seeking martyrdom and redemption, but this later changed in 938.M41 when their Chapter Master Sevastus Kranon declared that they would live and be reborn as the Crimson Slaughter Warband. When Dzarton heard this he was outraged, but did not act to prevent it from happening; as those that did were killed or taken prisoner, by their former Battle Brothers. Instead Dzarton bided his time and contacted his Company about his plan to escape their now corrupted Chapter. Kranon soon directed his officers to reorganize their old companies, to form smaller warbands that would prove more flexible to operate, as the Crimson Slaughter began to adapt to their new life outside the Imperium. When several duels broke out over the right to lead these warbands, they caused confusion amongst the Crimson Slaughter and Dzarton quickly gathered his former Company and seized the ship, Pride of Rhoghon. With the ship in their command, Dzarton and his Company fled from the Crimson Slaughter's fleet; with the Captain telling their former Brothers that he and Company would remain Crimson Sabres and should they meet the Warband again, blood would be spilled.[1a]

They then entered the Warp, but were lost within it for sometime before they escaped[1c] and made their way to their final destination in 941.M41 — their first homeworld, Rhoghon. Though it was still rad-contaminated, from when it fell to an invasion by Daemons, the Captain and the fifty-nine members of his Company secretly made planetfall. There amidst its ruins Dzarton hoped to restore the Crimson Sabres and also made the vow, that he would hunt down and kill Kranon for his betrayal of their Chapter[1b]. Since then there have been scattered reports within the Imperium, citing witnesses who have seen the uniform and heraldry of the Crimson Sabres; though now there can be no way to be sure, due to the efforts of the Inquisition. For once the Crimson Sabres were declared Excommunicate Traitoris, the Chapter's history, and any records that mention their name, were erased, covered up or scratched out. In many ways it is as if they never existed.[1c]