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This page contains spoilers for: Reparation (Short Story)

Ecanus was a Fallen Angel, who was captured by the Kabal of the Bladed Lotus and brought to the planet Damorragh; to compete in the Dark Eldars' arena games. He would fight and win two of the Kabal's tournaments before he was thrown into a cell with the captured Space Wolf, Thorolf Icewalkdr. Though their Chapters were at odds, they soon developed a kinship with one another as they competed in another tournament. After several fights done separately, the Kabal had the two fight as a team and they worked well together; eventually winning their way to the final match and killing the Wych Khalys Dzhar, the arena's champion, to win the tournament. It was here however, that Thorolf would reveal his true self, as the Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain Ramiel and confront Ecanus.[1]

Having found out that the Kabal had captured a member of the Fallen, Ramiel had allowed himself to be captured by the Bladed Lotus, for the chance to reach Ecanus and offer him redemption. In a rage at this revelation, Ecanus denounced Ramiel as a pawn of the Lion and attacked the Chaplain. They fought each other in the arena, as the Dark Eldar cheered them on and the more experienced Ecanus soon gained the upper hand over Ramiel. As he struck a blow that would have killed the Chaplain, Ramiel dodged the attack and stabbed a surprised Ecanus, in his primary heart. Weakened by the wound, Ecanus struggled with Ramiel as the Chaplain pulled his blade out of the Fallen's body, tearing Ecanus' second heart in the process. Killed instantly, Ecanus' fell in a ruined heap in front of Ramiel, as roars of approval from the Dark Eldar filled the arena.[1]