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The Ecclesiarch is the leader of the Ecclesiarchy (a.k.a. the Adeptus Ministorum)


The Ecclesiarch is based in a fortress within the Ecclesiarchal Palace on Terra. Elected by the Holy Synod, the Ecclesiarch's main concerns are representing the Ministorum as a High Lord, the ordering of crusades, and monitoring the devotion of the Imperial citizenry. As the head of the Imperial Cult, he is an immensely powerful and influential figure.[1]

The Ecclesiarch always holds a position as one of the High Lords of Terra, the ruling council of the Imperium.[2]


The term Ecclesiarch is likely derived from a combination of the words "ecclesiastic"/"ecclesiastical" (of or pertaining to the church) and "arch" (chief, highest) - although "arch" in this sense is usually a prefix rather than a suffix.


In multiple sources, even lay-priests of the Ecclesiarchy may be referred to as "Ecclesiarchs".[3] Care should be taken to not confuse these with the Ecclesiarch - the head of the Ecclesiarchy.

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