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Echo Station

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Echo Station is an armed Xenos-made Space Station that lies within Imperium Nihilus. It is currently used by a group of Fallen Angels and Humans, who are led by the Fallen Guain.[1]


It consists of five extended arms around a globular core and Echo's Xenos creators designed the Station with a scale and layout that is similar to Humanity's. Despite this though, its angles look wrong to Humans, which causes a subtle wrongness to cling to Echo. Also adding to the uncertainty of the Station's nature, is the question of why Echo was placed at the edge of the Cordova Nebula, where it is too far from any worlds it could protect.[1]


After their Primarch Lion El'Jonson returned to the living in M42, he convinced Guain's Fallen Angels to aid him in defending the embattled Imperium. This would place Echo Station at the Lion's service.[1]