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Eclipse Class Cruiser

The Eclipse-class is a class of Eldar Battlecruiser[2] or Cruiser that is one of the most effective Attack Craft carriers in the entire Gothic Sector thanks in large part to the quickness and agility that is common to all Eldar craft.


Unlike other races' carriers which must stay well away from the front lines - thereby increasing travel time before their Attack Craft reach their target - the Eclipse can dart in, launch a wave of Darkstar Fighters and Eagle Bombers, and then race to safety before the enemy can retaliate. When this speed is combined with the incredible effectiveness of Eldar Attack Craft and the power of the Eclipse's forward Pulsar Lance, it is small wonder that the Eclipse was the bane of Imperial commanders throughout the Gothic Sector.[1]

Technical Specifications[3]

  • Dimensions: 4.7km long, 1.4km abeam
  • Mass: 18 megatonnes
  • Acceleration: 8 Gravities

Notable Eclipse-class Cruisers



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