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Ecturo was a Templar in the Imperial Fists Legion, during the Great Crusade.[1]


Born on Arcanisis, he fought in his Homeworld's style of wielding both sword and knife. By the time Ecturo became a Templar, his years of serving the Legion, including within the 85th Assault Battalion, had made him lethal in every way an Imperial Fist should be. Sometime during the Great Crusade, Ecturo was among the 200 Templars that were chosen to fight Sigismund, as he underwent the trial to become their leader. Ecturo was the second to challenge Sigismund, after Anaxsus, and unleashed the fighting style of Arcanisis against his Battle Brother. However, Ecturo and the other Templars were defeated by Sigismund, who became the Company's new Captain.[1]