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Eightbound warrior[3]

The Eightbound are World Eaters that have been possessed by eight daemons at once, which leaves them virtually unrecognizable from who they once were.[1]


Eightbound are created when particularly savage Khorne Berzerkers are chained in a sarcophagus known as an eightcage. Within, probes and needles interface with their butcher's nails, plunging the victim into a very battle for his soul. Exposed to the madness of the warp, some engage in blood-soaked arena battles, while others must withstand torture at the hands of daemons. Those that fail these trials meet gruesome fates, with some vanishing entirely while others are reduced to a Chaos spawn or a bloody mess. However, those that are victorious emerge a changed warrior, having been possessed by eight daemons. This leaves the Eightbound in a constant battle for their souls, which makes them some of the most terrifying combatants in the galaxy. Eightbound who have been successfully transformed are massively muscled fighters seeped in bestial immaterial power.[1][2]

In battle, Eightbound prefer close combat weapons, including eviscerators, chainfists, and chain axes. The chainfists of Exalted Eightbound are truly terrifying, having merged with their flesh.[2]

Exalted Eightbound

Sometimes, the Eightbound's spirit can emerge triumphant by becoming one with the eight daemons sharing his physical form. These World Eaters are known as Exalted Eightbound and are even more dangerous and daemonic than others of their kind.[1]

Known Eightbound Warbands



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