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Eightfold Harvest Lord

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The Eightfold Harvest Lord[1]

The Eightfold Harvest Lord is a Corpse Grinder Cultist, whose crimes on the violent world of Necromunda have managed to turn the stomachs of hardened Enforcers and jaded Guilders.[1]

Wrapped in fluttering strips of human skin, the Harvest Lord's arrival always precedes the spreading of starvation, madness and cannibalism throughout the Hive World's Underhives. Among its many foul deeds, was the skinning of numerous members of Hive Arcos' population, which the Harvest Lord then used to decorated its walls with. This caused terror to spread throughout Arcos, shortly before the Hive was successfully invaded by Corpse Grinder Cultists.[1]

It is unlikely the Harvest Lord is human, or if it was once mortal it has long since transformed into something else. It is said that the Harvest Lord is drawn to the most vicious acts of murder, eager to spread the blood of the living.[2]