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Eighth Pardus Armoured

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The Eighth Pardus Armoured was an Armoured Regiment of the Astra Militarum that fought during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.[1a] At the time of the Crusade, they were regarded as one of the finest Armoured Regiments in the entire Segmentum Pacificus.[1b]

Notable Actions


The Eighth Pardus Armoured supported the Tanith First and Only and Brevian Centennials in the retaking of Hagia's capital city from Pater Sin and his Infardi.[1a][1b]

Later, a detachment of the Pardus Eighth, headed by Major Kleopas, was tasked by Lord General Lugo to accompany the Tanith First to the Shrinehold of Saint Sabbat, to retrieve The Saint's remains before the evacuation of the planet.[1c] Along the way to the Shrinehold, the Tanith and Pardus fought against and defeated a significant enemy force protecting the town of Bhavnager.[1f]

After the Ayatani priests refused to let the Saint's remains be moved, the Pardus, like the Ghosts, agreed to stand and defend the Shrine from an oncoming Chaos force. Their combined forces only just managed to keep the enemy at bay, with the Pardus Eighth losing much of its command echelon and many venerable machines in the process.[1x]


Another detachment of the Pardus Eighth, headed by Captain LeGuin, was in full retreat after a failed assault on the enemy's southern hives on Enothis, and was being harried by the enemy's land and air reinforcements, when the Phantine Air Corps arrived to provide air support and challenge the archenemy's air superiority.[2b]

Appearance & Uniform

The Pardus Eighth wore tan fatigues[1a] with silver cap badges[1h], while their tanks were painted in camo patterns according to the operation's theatre. On Hagia they were painted mottled green and blue[1c], while on Enothis they were painted dust red.[2a]


By the time of the actions on Hagia, the unit's core was mainly comprised of Leman Russ Battle Tanks, in particular 50 Conquerors.[1b] These were supplemented with 38 Thunderer Siege Tanks[1b], ten Stygies-pattern Vanquishers[1b], at least one Executioner[1f] and two Destroyer Tank Hunters.[1f]

In terms of lighter vehicles, the Eighth Pardus Armoured contains a number of Salamander Light Tanks (both the scout and command variants). For transportation purposes, the regiment makes use of munitions Chimeras (at least 15).[1c] In addition, the regiment possesses at least 4 Hydra batteries for air defence and anti-infantry[1f] and armoured tractors (including 2 Trojans[1c]) for towing purposes.[1a][1b]

Known Vehicles

Command Tanks

Leman Russ Conquerors

Leman Russ Executioners

Leman Russ Exterminators

Destroyer Tank Hunters

Known Personnel


The name Pardus may refer to Panthera pardus, the binomial name of the common leopard, and by this to both the modern Leopard 2 (or Leopard 1) and the historic Panther tank.

Conflicting sources

In Chapter Nine of Honour Guard, the armoured element of the Recon Spear that scouts ahead of the titular honour guard is specified to consist of two Conquerors, which are identified as the sister tanks Wrath of Pardua and Lion of Pardua. At the end of the Chapter, the second of the two Conquerors was totally destroyed by the Infardi protecting Bhavnager.[1e] Despite this, when the Imperials launch a proper attack on the town in the next chapter, the Lion is operating alongside its sister tank again as part of a flanking manoeuvre with no mention given to any damage[1f] and it is mentioned again in a later chapter.[1h] It is then explicitly destroyed while defending the Shrinehold of Saint Sabbat.[1j]


  • Note 1: Although the character's name is given as Farant by Sergeant Mkoll of the Tanith First, Mkoll notes that he didn't quite catch the name and that it could have been Faranter instead.[1e]

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