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The Eightscarred are a Khorne Warband.[1a]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Eightscarred Marine.jpg
- Eightscarred -
Origin: Unknown
Leader: Vorax[1b]
Chaos dedication: Khorne[1a]
Colours: Predominately dark red armour,
with black knee and shoulder guards[1c]
Strength: Unknown
Eightscarred Logo.jpg

The Eightscarred are unhinged fanatics who see themselves as Khorne's only true disciples and their horrific zealotry has driven them from one war zone to the next, in a never-ending tidal wave of gore. The sheer zealotry of the Eightscarred draws many Khorne Berzerkers to their banner, and such is Warband's devotion to Khorne, that during battles they easily draw from the Warp the Daemonic followers of their patron the Bloodthirster Gha’Kharax; who they have fought alongside on many occasions. Gha’Kharax sits in constant judgement of the members of the Eightscarred however and those who join the Warband have eight battles in which to prove their worth to the Bloodthirster of the Third Rank. If he approves of a warrior’s efforts then, at battle's end, he reaches through the veil to carve a livid scar in that warrior's flesh. One by one, these bloody wounds form the rune of Khorne, marking the warrior as worthy to fight alongside Gha'Kharax's and his Daemonic followers in his cohort. Should an aspirant ever fail to earn his scar, he will gladly fall upon his own roaring chainblade, as an act of penance to Khorne.[1a]

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