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Eldanesh is a mythological folk-hero of the Eldar, known as the greatest of the mortal Eldar.[2] His descendants are known as the Eldanar.[3]

In Eldar Mythology

In the first days of the Eldar, Asuryan granted Eldanesh and his followers the gift of life. He breathed into the bodies of all future Eldar, yet Eldanesh distressed over the emptiness of the world. Seeing his sadness, Isha shed a tear for Eldanesh and let it drop upon the world, from which all new life was sprung.[1a] Later, in the time before the War in Heaven, Eldanesh, now Lord of the Eldar, faced the armies of the Hresh-selain. Allying with Ulthanesh, second-greatest warrior of the Eldar, the Eldar were victorious over the Hresh-selain.[1b] Later, the two, with the help of the war god Kaela Mensha Khaine, again emerged victorious over the nightmarish hordes of the Autochtinii.[1d]

However, Eldanesh's relationship with Ulthanesh soon became strained. It came to pass that the ambitions of Ulthanesh and the will of Eldanesh were at odds, and Eldanesh banished his friend into the desert. Meditating for a long time over the wrongs of the universe and the dishonor visited upon him by Eldanesh. The war god, Kaela Mensha Khaine, sensed an opportunity for strife. Sending a scorpion made from one of his iron fingers down, Ulthanesh was stung and the scorpion's venom nearly brought him to death. However, Ulthanesh would survive, and realized it had been with no aid from Eldanesh. Seeing that he no longer needed Eldanesh's protection, he founded the House of Ulthanesh and the age of division for the Eldar began.[1c]

But with Khaine still at his side, Eldanesh continued to vanquish the foes of the Eldar. Khaine met with Eldanesh and promised him not only many more great victorious but lordship over all mortal life if he swore an oath of loyalty to the war god. However, Eldanesh cared not for the bloody future of Khaine's dreams and refused, causing an enraged Khaine to strike down Eldanesh with the sword of Vaul and begin the War in Heaven.[1e] During the war, the houses of Eldanesh and Ulthanesh would unite once more to fight the war god.[1f]

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