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Aeldari Corsairs

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ForgeWorld Corsairs[11]

Aeldari Corsairs or Anhrathe[13] are bands of piratical Aeldari Outcasts. They are a constant threat to merchant shipping, though very rarely pose a threat to a major Imperial battlefleet.[2]

Outcasts and Pirates

Sometimes the rigid constraints of the Eldar Path are intolerable even for an Eldar to bear; such individuals leave their Craftworlds and become known as Outcasts. Outcasts must bear the terrible burden of their heightened Eldar consciousness without the protection of the Eldar path, set free within the universe they are dangerously vulnerable. Only Eldar of especially strong character can survive for long as Outcasts. After years of wandering as adventurers or Rangers, or sailing the seas of space aboard the pirate fleets, most Eldar Outcasts eventually return to the sanctuary of the Eldar path.[Needs Citation]

There are many bands of so-called Corsairs scattered across the galaxy, and all are savage and deadly raiders. Outcasts from the strict confines of the Craftworlds, the Corsairs live in self-imposed exile, seeking to explore the galaxy and experience the full gamut of emotion and sensation accessible to the Eldar’s sensitive psyche. Most are young and adventurous Eldar who will eventually return to their homes older, wiser and tempered by warfare. Some, however, embrace the raider’s life completely and fall further still, becoming ever more bloodthirsty and psychotic, indulging their darkest impulses and eventually seeking out the infamous Dark City.[Needs Citation]

Its known that sometimes foolish and wealthy Humans are known to hire the services of Corsairs who demand an extortionate price for their cooperation. Tales often tell of their mastery and splendour in battle though these also speak of a Corsair's fickle loyalty, sudden betrayals and gleeful slaughtering grace with their silken armour sometimes being coated with the blood of former allies.[6b]

In battle, Corsairs emphasize speed and surprise over firepower and armour. They operate fast, agile spacecraft and for atmospheric and ground operations rely on Jetbike, Venom, Vyper, Wasp, Falcon, and Hornet vehicles with supporting Phoenix attack aircraft. Corsairs are not well-equipped for extended campaigns, preferring lightning-fast raids on unsuspecting positions.[8a] If they do become bogged down in a protracted battle or are assaulting a well-fortified position, they often use Warp Hunters and Night Spinners for heavy support.[8b]

ForgeWorld Jetbike Corsair[12]

Relations with Other Aeldari

Eldar Corsairs tend to be more active than their Craftworld cousins, who primarily focus on their own defense, whereas Corsairs aggressively seek opportunities to raid. Certain Corsair fleets are closely allied with certain Craftworlds, such as such as the Eldritch Raiders with Iyanden or Xian's Black Raiders with Ulthwé, but others act completely independently. Corsairs may also form alliances with Exodite worlds in exchange for safe haven and military aid. Occasionally, Asuryani Craftworlds and Corsair bands have gone to war against each other. It is speculated that these outbreaks of war are attempts to prevent Corsair fleets from fully falling to the influence of the Drukhari Archons.[14a]

Modus Operandi

Corsair fleets are organized in nomadic groups of coteries, each composed of one or more bands. These bands often menace sectors for a short time, preferring to remain elusive and avoid drawn out battles and siege warfare. These Corsair fleets will often hide deep within a nebula or asteroid field, forgotten Eldar stations, or leftover bases from before the Fall. A standard Corsaid raid begins with a rapid deployment from Vampire Raiders, before quickly striking and withdrawing. Boarding actions against undefended or poorly defended freighters or transports is also common. Corsair Princes will often be supported by heavier units, such as Nightwings or Phoenix Bombers when in need. Corsair Princes are willing to sell out their fleet as mercenaries during lean times. Employment as mercenaries could be done at the behest of a rebellious planetary governor, Imperial Guard commanders, or any other renegade willing to ally with xenos.[14a]

Notable Battles


A Corsair Prince is the leader of a Corsair Fleet. A Corsair Prince supported by his advisors, captains, and crew commands known as Corsair Barons. A fleet may also be guided by renegade Aeldari psykers known as Void Dreamers.

A Corsair Prince or Baron will lead a set of Coteries, each of which may be led by a Baron, Void Dreamer, or even the Prince. Each Coteries is composed of a set of bands, composed of Corsair Reavers, Corsair Skyreavers, Corsair Ghostwalkers, or Corsair Cloud Dancers. Each of these bands may be led by an experienced veterans, known as Corsair Felarchs.

A Coterie may also be supported by a number of elite units, such and heavy infantry, heavy support, or fast attack units.[14b]


Known Corsair Groups

Eldar Pirate symbols

Some of the most notable groups include:

Other, lesser known, groups include:

Notable Eldar Corsairs

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