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Eldar Fleet Equipment

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Eldar Fleet Equipment is highly developed and dangerous, often being refined to work with their high speed ships and tactics.

Pulsar Lances

Eldar Pulsar Lances are used on their spacecraft and are some of the most deadly weapons in space. They fire bursts of high-energy laser bolts and more often than not many of them will hit a target, rather than the single beam produced by Imperial vessels.

Shadow Lances

Eldar Shadow Lances are smaller Lances used on lighter vessels that can not generate the power necessary for Pulsar Lances. They are most commonly equipped to Shadowhunter Escorts.[2]

Eldar Weapons Batteries

Eldar Weapons Batteries are highly developed compared to standard Weapons Batteries and consist of mainly Graviton Pulsars, Heavy Starcannons[3], and Fusion Beamers. They use advanced targeting sensors to track incoming targets and work even at extreme angles.

Eldar Launch Bays

Eldar Launch Bays are generic regions of a ship containing launch-able spacecraft. The launch-able Eldar ships include the Darkstar Fighter and Eagle Bomber.

Eldar Torpedoes

Eldar Torpedoes are defended by sophisticated scrambling systems as well as targeting system which allows more Eldar torpedoes to hit than conventional Imperial Torpedoes. The Eldar also operate Sonic Torpedoes, which are gigantic Sonic Weapons.[1]

Eldar Holofields

Eldar Holofields are sensor scrambling devices which make it very difficult to track and lock on to them. They are highly effective against mechanical targeting devices, however have little to no effect against natural or unguided phenomena.

Eldar Phantom Lances

Eldar Phantom Lances are lower-powered Pulsar Lances designed to be mounted on lighter Eldar ships as the power drain for Pulsar Lances are too much for many smaller ships to handle.

Eldar Aspect Warrior Fighting Crews

Aspect Warrior Fighting Crews are used in non-pirate fleets and are specially trained individuals (usually ground-based close combat specialists) who are there to board enemy ships if desired, rather than relying on the actual crew of a pirate vessel.