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Eldar Titan

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Eldar Phantom and Revenant Class Titans[2c]

Eldar Titans are mechanical, humanoid-shaped war engines of the Eldar similar to the Titans of other races. Built with more of an eye towards grace and beauty than functionality, these tall, slim constructs are more agile and faster than the lumbering behemoths of the Imperium.[1][2a][2b]


Eldar Titans are constructed around a Wraithbone core, a specialised psycho-reactive substance which, among other benefits, allow the souls of departed Eldar to inhabit the Titans. Moving freely throughout the construct these spirits give each Titan a consciousness of its own, which merges with that of its crew to create one sentience.[1] The crew of a Titan, also known as Steersmen,[2b] also differ greatly from those of the lesser races. They are twins or triplets, a rare and reverend occurrence given the Eldar's low birthrate, who are raised with their Titans from birth.[1] In the case of smaller Titans each sibling will occupy a different machine,[2a] while larger Titans will utilize a full set. The natural emotional bonds between each sibling, combined with their latent psychic potential and the special relationship between crew, Titan and spirits allows for a tremendous degree of control when operating these towering constructs. The most sorrowful, yet most skillful, of these pairings is when the soul of a deceased kin is interred within a Titan's wraithbone shell. Their still-living siblings will seldom leave the machine, preferring instead to remain inside and commune with the departed.[1]

Eldar Titans


Eldar Titan Pilot in a Revenant Titan

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