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Eldar Equipment (List)

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List for Eldar wargear and equipment.

  • NOTE - this list does not include "named" wargear (ie character-specific wargear).

General Wargear

General Wargear
Name Notes
Banshee Mask
Blood Moon of Khaine
Blood of Isha
Book of Maebiel
Chalice of Khaine
Channeling Runes
Celestial Shield
Dark Reaper Range Finder
Eyes of Kurnous
Force Barrier
Ghost Helm
Heart of the Phoenix
Phoenix Plume
Prophecy of Imandha
Rune Aura
Runes of Deception
Runes of Evasion
Runes of Fleetness
Runes of Fortune
Runes of Reaping
Runes of Vigor
Runes of War
Runes of Warding
Runes of Witnessing
Runes of Wrath
Runes of the Harlequin
Runes of the Spider
Runes of the Warp
Spirit Stones
Spirit Stone of Anath'Lan Relic
Spirit Stone of Eldritch Might
Spirit Stone of Illusion
Spirit Stone of Vigor
Swooping Hawk Wings
Vision of Beyond
Warp Skein
Warp Spider Jump Generator


Name Notes
Armour of Asuryan
Armour of Eldanesh
Armour of Fortune
Aspect Armour
Champion's Robe
Cloak of Shadows
Exarch Armour
Farseer Armour
Gauntlets of Isha
Heavy Aspect Armour
Helm of Arasta
Holo-suit Harlequin item
Mantle of Malan'tai
Mantle of the Laughing God
Mesh Armour
Phase Armour Exclusive to Warp Spider Exarchs
Phoenix Armour Exclusive to Phoenix Lords
Rune Armour
Serpent's Scale
Wraithbone Armour
Wraithbone Breastplate
Wraithbone Gauntlets


Name Notes
Aegis of Eldanesh Armour
Armour of Gorhu
Armour of Idranel
Armour of the Last Runes[1a] Wielded by Eldrad Ulthran[1a]
Corag Hai's Locket
Cronescream Banshee Mask
Crown of the Seventh Sky[1c] Wielded in the past by Phoenix Lord Drastanta[1c]
The Eye of Wrath[1b] Wielded by Prince Yriel[1b]
Faolchu's Wing
Ghost Helm of Alishazier
Guardian Helm of Xellethon
Lost Shroud
Phoenix Gem
Runestones of Jarankyor
Shard of Anaris
Shiftshroud of Alanssair
Spirit Stone of Anath'Lan
Terror's Lament Banshee Mask
Weeping Stone

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