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Eldon Urquidex

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Eldon Urquidex was a Magos Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus in mid-M32.


During the War of the Beast, Eldon accompanied by the Artisan Argus Van Auken, traveled to the ruins of Ardamantua to study the effects of The Beast's Waaagh!. After investigating remnants of Ork technology, the duo and discovered the stasis remains of several Imperial Fists accompanied by a comatose Phaeton Laurentis.[1a] After attempting to heal the three Marines and failing in two (resulting in their deaths), the Urquidex succeeded in reviving Captain Koorland who became the last known survivor of his Chapter.[1b]

Urquidex became subsequently frustrated with Fabricator-General Kubik over his inaction in the war against the Greenskins as well as his secretive research into Ork technology and biology for unknown ends. On Mars, he was approached by an agent of Grand Master of Assassins Drakan Vangorich, to whom he admitted his misgivings and invited her to witness a field test, proving that the Mechanicum was attempting to replicate the Orks' teleportation technology, and Kubik was planning to "remove" Mars from the Sol System and safely out of the path of the Orks, while leaving Terra to its fate.[3]

He later allied himself with Vangorich and aided Vanus Assassin Clementina Yendl in her infiltration of one of Kubik's facilities which housed tens of thousands of Ork corpses.[2] For his treachery, Urquidex was ultimately captured by Skitarii under Argus Van Auken after Yendl's team was annihilated. Auken condemned the Tech-Priest to life as a Servitor.[4]

Urquidex was eventually rescued by the Fists Exemplar under orders from Lord Commander of the Imperium Koorland. He was discovered only partially transformed into a servitor, and while much of his mind had been destroyed he was able to reveal that The Beast's homeworld was Ullanor.[5]

After Drakan Vangorich killed all of the High Lords of Terra in The Beheading, Urquidex was uploaded with Kubik's intelligence core, and masqueraded as the Fabricator-General in Vangorich's puppet cabinet.[6]